Critical Supply World specialized in
procuring goods for disasters and conflict areas.

What you need. Where you need it. When you need it.

We have experience handling the toughest procurement needs worldwide.
We deliver on time and within budget.

Rapid Procurement Services

When conflicts and natural disasters occur, critical supplies need to go from factory to ground as soon as possible. When events such as these occur, our global supply chain often becomes broken, even as the necessity for supplies increases. With every situation, the needs are different. A variety of goods including foodservice equipment, catering, medical, electrical, plumbing, fire, transportation, disposable / paper goods and other critical items necessary for stabilization and infrastructure rebuilding are typically required, often urgently.


Critical Supply World is well-positioned to provide what we have coined as “Rapid Procurement Services.” If there’s a need for products nearly anywhere in the world, we are ready to use our specialized resources to re-connect the supply chain and procure these and other goods for you quickly at extremely competitive prices – there is no limit to the types of products we can procure.  Our close relationship with an experienced international logistics firm allows us to get these products where they need to go, quickly and efficiently.  There is no request too big or small, we have extensive experience handling everything from single pallet shipments to chartering dedicated 747 cargo aircraft that have the ability to land in disaster and war-torn regions of the world.  We stand by willing and able to handle your toughest procurement needs at a moment’s notice.

About Us

Do you need to purchase a large number of supplies and have them delivered quickly, efficiently and accurately to any location in the world? With tens of thousands of square feet in warehouse space, access to a full network of delivery partners, and established connections purchasing directly from hundreds of manufacturers, Critical Supply World can procure, re-package and ship the goods you need at competitive prices.


Based in Orlando, Florida and with operations in Dubai, UAE – both central hubs to many international locations – Critical Supply World is well-positioned to procure and deliver goods where you need them. We coordinate your order from before it is produced to when it reaches those who need it most with the utmost attention to detail. Having handled both private and government contracts, we are well-equipped to address your unique needs, with speed and confidentiality. Our expertise in this area has led to delivery destinations throughout the world, with particular extensive knowledge of ensuring delivering products to troubled Middle Eastern regions.


What you need. Where you need it. When you need it. It’s not just a tagline, it’s a way of life for our organization.  Failure or excuses are never an option.

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